Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

Are you all ready to do some shopping?


These pins are made from glass beads and crystals and pearls. The length of these are 3 inches and are perfect to stick behind flowers or other embellishments.

Each pack comes in a set of 3 pins for $6.00

Brown Set - SOLD OUT!

Blue Set - SOLD OUT

Black Set - SOLD OUT

Bright Set - SOLD OUT

Dominic's Set - these were picked by my son :) - SOLD OUT

Pink Set - SOLD OUT


Denim Grunge - Frayed denim rounds with a twine coil topper - 1x2.5in  2x2in

3 pack - $3.50
8 available

Black Magic - Tulle gathered round secured with a metal embellishment - 3 in
                       Satin gathered into a spiral and attached with a vintage silver button - 2.5 in

Funky Lollipops - Layered fabric rounds handstitched with a fun button - 2 in

Bundle 1,2 & Pink Bundle - 3 pack for $2.50
3 available

2 available

3 available

Bundle 3 & 4 - 3 pack $3.00

3 available

3 available

Miscellaneous Bundle - 5 pack random lollipops including a polka dot gathered frayed flower

5 pack - $5.00

3 available

Brown Fluffies - Sheer fabric ruffly wedged flower with a vintage button centre  1x2.5in  1x2in

2 pack - $4.50
7 available

Red Delight - Red satin lollipop flower with singed edges and boutique feathers, beads and bead trim - 2 in
 Red satin loopy flower with pearl bead - 2.5 in


Olive Garden - Olive satin lollipop flower with singed edges and boutique feathers and bead and bead trim - 2 in            Olive satin and tulle "tutu" flower with large crystal gem - 3 in


(colours are off - it really is an olive green - and tulle too!)

Special Set - 1 Pink Tutu, 1 Lilac Tutu, 1 Black tulle gathered and 1 silver,black and pearl stick pin.


**Something Special** As a thankyou from me to you, any order placed tonight will receive a little something special included in their order.

And that is what I have to offer this fortnight :)  I hope you like what you see and if you have any questions or concerns, please email me.



  1. What beautiful things you have Karlene and good luck with it all

  2. They are beautiful Kars!! Will email through my order ;0)

  3. Gorgeous order is on it's way as soon as I decide what to buy :)

  4. Everything is gorgeous! Just placed an order :)

  5. WOW Karlene.. stunning flowers and pins.. I'm sure they'll be sold out in no time!! :)

  6. Karlene, your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wow. I'm sure you will sell out fast!